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My Debut

Today I finally played my string bass as part of the worship team.  I stuck to pretty simple songs but, hey, I did it!

Tonight was a much more demanding debut.  It was our year end concert for the Prince Albert Strings.  I got totally lost on one song – it is one with all sorts of repeats and I do fine when practicing but tend to get lost as the music moves faster.  I was surprised on a couple of the pieces where I played well all the way through. 

Next weekend we play a couple of songs to open with the Saskatoon symphony.  How audacious of me even daring to get up there with such good players!  So I am hoping they are gracious and don’t make some comment about the lack of quality of the playing. 

I think it will be fun.

And then orchestra will be over till next year.  I am thinking that next year will be a bit easier. 


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