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Another item checked off

Sometimes my list of things I must do gets so long that it seems as if the end – well – I will never get there.  Problem is that as I check one more thing off the list, another seems to get added on to the other end.

Gotta find a way to stop that.

But that would mean saying "no" to a whole lot of things I still want to do.  And you know, there are only so many years left to work away at the list.

Last night I completed the paper and other requirements for the course I’m taking and sent them off via e-mail to the instructor.  She let me know that she got them today. 

So another step towards becoming a spiritual director is taken. 

I guess the paper, as much as I fret over getting it just right, is only a small part of the work involved.  The real work is takng place inside of me.  And this work will never be measured by a certificate achieved or passing grades.  The changes are mostly on the inside.  I want the changes to be profound and significant.  Mostly they are little and invisible.  But there are subtle changes God is working in me and I want to keep at it.  Even without a course, I don’t think I could trun back now. 

Next little project – stories for The Companion


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