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The misadventures of me

Today I was driving kids to Jr High Jam in Strathmore.  We got to Kindersley well ahead of the other vehicle, but then my vehicle only had three orders at Timmy’s on the way out of town. The other vehicle had – I don’t know – many at least.  So we got a bit of a head start there.  We did stop for a few minutes in 
Rosetown since they have a tourist centre there with a clean washroom.  We still got to Kindersley in time to order from Mc D’s before the others. 

Then we took off together, thinking we would travel together the rest of the way.

But stupid me.  I realized about 20 K’s out on the highway that I had totally forgotten about filling up with gas. 

There is not much between Kindersley and the distance I could safely expect my CRV to travel on the fumes left in the tank.  So around we turned.  I figured that an extra half hour knowing I could fill up was better than hours waiting for help on the roadside with an empty tank.

The I let my foot rest rather heavily on the gas pedal knowing that I would never catch up completely but hoping we would only arrive in Strathmore maybe 15 to 20 minutes behind the others.

About 10 minutes out of Strathmore we called them to let them know we would be there soon. 

For some reason they were behind us.  They took the scenic route and the long way to Strathmore, having missed the #21.  So we arrived safely – all of us in the end. 

Ahh…  it will give the kids something to laugh at us for.


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