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Befriending – seeing it in action

This has been an amazing weekend for me.  I hope the junior high kids that we drove here had as good a time as I did.  
On Saturday, I went shopping with my sister and Sara. We got stuff we needed to get and Sara is happy with her jewels for grad.  They are very pretty.
The amazing though really started in the afternoon.  
I got to meet the Sudanese family that my sister and brother-in-law have befriended.  What they have is more than just a shallow acquaintance with an immigrant family.  They have become friends. Friends to the point of caring. And I was privileged to see the care in action and even to become by extension part of the care. 
So, I met S and her 4 children, even the husband, E who has to be out of the home while he begins to deal with a problem with alcohol.  We happened to drop in on a day when there was a huge amount of busyness associated with cooking for a wedding.  And there were all sorts of kids running around as the adults were busy.
I love the kids. They were not shy in the least. I was instantly another auntie, receiving all sorts of hugs.  I checked more than a few kids teeth with the mirrors I’d brought and T had to go and wash them for me several times so I could look at all the kids that wanted me to peer into their mouths too.  
Then, yesterday, Hugh drove into Calgary to pick the children up for church.  They do this most every Sunday and this gives the mom some respite time as she deals with being a single mom with no other time for herself.  
With the children yesterday, came their “Auntie” V.  V is actually from Winnipeg and traveled out to Calgary to visit the Sudanese community promoting the legal services of the company she works for.  V is Sudanese as well but has lived in Canada for ten years and knows the challenges of adapting to Canadian life.  V is the type of woman that exudes wisdom. There was just something about her.  A woman of deep faith with a contagious sense of stability, she is not afraid to face issues head on.  She had to in order to give her own children a better life.  Out of the difficult experiences of her life own life have grown wisdom and love for others. Embracing all of this, she now shares herself and who she has become in order to assist other Sudanese. I believe she has a message that should be shared with all African immigrant women. 
I hope I will get to see her again. This summer Joseph M will be visiting Calgary and I will be passing through the city. I may spend an extra couple of days here on my way home from Chicago in the summer just in order to visit with her and those wonderful children  of S’s again.


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