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It Is True

Yesterday morning, very bright and early, I got up and drove to Saskatoon to visit the Passport office.

I arrived in good time, found a parking spot, plugged the meter for an hour and a half and trundled off in the rain for the government building. 

When I got to the office my papers were checked by an official looking woman at the desk and I was given a number.  The waiting room was almost full.  I was wondering how long it would be ’cause it looked as if I was in for a long wait.

I didn’t even have time to get out the book I’d brought along.  I was called within minutes of sitting down and was out of the office within 15 minutes. 

It really is true, as Randall said, it pays to apply for passports on line.  And they say it should only take 3 weeks to get them doing it that way as well. 

And then since I had already paid a couple dollars for my parking, I went in to the coffee shop that I parked in front of and had lots of time to sit with my book over a good cup of coffee.


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