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Photos of Sara's grad

If anyone would like to see – I have a set of pictures posted at Flikr of Sara’s grad events




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Look what's happened to my baby!

Today it hit me – she is about grown up!  She is the last one to finish high school.  My baby is done – that section of her life anyway. 

And she is a competant and fine young woman. 

And so very beautiful.  But how did all those years go by so fast? 

This grad is more of a milestone for me – she being the baby.  She’ll still live at home next year but it is time for her to fly on her own.  And she is ready.

Not so sure I am.


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Zaka has discovered that, with our kitchen renovations, he can run in a straight line from the dining room table all the way to the far kitchen wall without dodging any obstacles. 

He has also discovered the incredible pleasure that comes from running in circles around the island. 

I think he approves of the changes we have made!

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Moving Back In

The kitchen is functional again! 

Last night David headed back to Saskatoonby about 8 pm, having just finished the trim and building stairs up to the kitchen from the entry. 

All my appliances are back in and functionning – well except the doorbell, if you call that an appliance.
So, if you come over you have to knock.  It will get fixed up eventually.

So I have begun the arduous task of trying to put everything back into some sort of order.  The layout is so different that it is a bit of a chore. 

This is going to be a good time to get rid of stuff we never used much anyway.  If it wasn’t so much work, we’d have a garage sale.  But I am way too tired to do that.  I think I need to call both the recycle store and the Salvation Army for some pick ups.

Anyone want some old coffee mugs?  No?  Well how about lidless plastic containers?  I seem to have lots!

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Smashing times

What a way to start the day!

Leo left to catch a plane early.  It should have been early but when he went out to load his bags into the car, there on the ground was his smashed driver’s side mirror, beside it was our overturned garbage can and the side of his car was bashed in.

Called the ploice but got them at change of shift so it took a good 15 minutes for them to get here.  That isn’t long unless you are Leo and you have just left yourself enough time to get to the airport in Saskatoon.  Officer took the bare essentials and sent him on his way leaving me to do the rest. 

At least the car is still drivable.

Officer said there were at least 100 calls last night – payday he said. 

Celebrate and smash seemed to be the order of the day.  Or rather, night.

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Troubles again

We received news of trouble in Gemena, DRC  from a good friend there. 

A few years ago when I was there for a visit, soldiers had taken over the airport.  Now that could sound a bit ominous, and in terms of being an indicator of stability for the region, it was an indicator that peace was a precarious commodity.  The soldiers were, however, at that moment only living there.  Of course that meant that the airport was pretty well trashed.  Soldiers are not know for looking after the yards or properties of temporary dwellings.

While I was there these same soldiers moved from the airport to one of the schools that was by then closed for the year.  Not a good thing – it is unlikely they left the school in good condition if they left it at all. 

Now these soldiers are causing havoc in the city of Gemena.  They shot one of the churche’s drivers on his way back from a visit as he was driving a church leader to a nearby village.  They stopped him at the usual place where they set up a roadblock and just shot him.  I have no idea of the cause.  Armed teenagers do not always need a reasonable cause.

The people of the city and of the church are pretty upset.  So they have been gathering in large numbers in protest.  And on the way back from one of the funeral events, the crowd came upon two soldiers guarding a stalled truck blocking the road.  The soldiers apparently panicked and shot into the crowd killing a boy of 12, the son of one of the church deacons.

These people have suffered so much.  How they react could make a huge difference in the fate of this city.  Pray that God will have mercy on all of them.  Pray that they will have mercy with each other.

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Welcome to Canada!

One of the coolest things I did this weekend was to attend Patrick’s citizenship ceremony.  Finally he is a Canadian! 

Most of us will never fully understand the difference that makes for him.  He now has all those rights and freedoms we take for granted.  Freedom of travel – well we used to be more free before needing passports to travel to the states, but at least still do not need a visa.  Imagine if you had to travel to the nearest US embassy each time you wanted to travel to the US, never knowing if the request would be granted. 

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