Not Again!

For the past two months I seem to have had a new cold just about every two weeks.  I will get over one – just – and there is another one beginning.

This morning when I woke up I thought I was fine.  
A bit tired maybe, but otherwise no sign of a cold.

Then I got to work and had a scratchy throat; had a coughing fit that I had to leave a patient for and tonight I feel fairy lousy. 

I think I need to go to bed and get some rest.

At least since I had supper at Amy’s tonight – with Leo since he had a free supper as sort of an afterparty for the accreditation the group from the health district did this afternoon  – I do not have to haul a tub of dirty dishes up to our bathroom to wash them.

And my new countertops are ready to be installed.  Now I need the cabinets to install them on.  Always waiting for something it seems.  Everything is being held up by the cabinet doors.  But surely it can’t take too much longer.  Please. 

I am getting tired of this sort of pseudocamping.

I do need some sleep.  Goodnight.


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