Sleep heals

I think that getting the extra sleep last night really paid off.  I felt a lot better today.  So here it is 10:30 pm already and I was going to get lots of sleep tonight too – but time has flown and so there go my good plans to be in bed by 9:30. 

Tonight I did manage to get in a bike ride.  Rode up the bit of hill to the church where I spent about an hour practicing my bass – still stored there till our house renovation is finished. 

And good news on our kitchen – the cupboards should be in on Friday and the countertops then can be installed early next week.  David is up this weekend to work some more on the baseboards and stuff.  So i am thinking that by next weekend I may be moving back in.  I am so ready for things to get back to normal around here. 

And I am heading off to bed trying to get some more of that healing sleep.


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