All in a day

I am sitting here going over the days events.  Lots of stuff happened.  Some fairly significant things, size wise, grad present sort of things. 

Sara has her car.  She took Leo shopping and from there it all sort of happened fast.  She is getting to the point of needing a car, if need is the right word, to get from school to work to soccer,etc.  Now she will need to work to pay for the car, at least the upkeep and the gas and licence.  I think she will find out that cars make you a slave to work.  So, one sort of golden Cavalier is out there somewhere and will come home tonight to sleep here.

I get my vehicle back.  A vehicle for myself that I can use any time I want – or need.  But I think I will keep riding to work at least three days a week.  I can use the exercise and it is only a few minutes away.  I will supplement my riding to work exercise by other regular rides, hopefully another three times a week.  So, tonight I rode up to the church again to practice.

When I got home, Rachelle was here.  She and a friend are taking off to some lake north of here for a couple days of camping.  She is looking fairly pregnant but well.  She says she gets tired so fast.  I think that is to be expected.

Earlier tonight I had a meeting with one of my business partners.  We own property and needed to discuss plans for the future.  So for the second time in one week I had supper at Amy’s.  The Tilapia was superbe but I still did not get my cheesecake.  I think maybe I need to just go for the cheesecake – no other food to kill my appetite beforehand.  The cheesecake needs its own place – it is so good that to tack it onto the end of an already filling meal is just not right.


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