Today the countertops went on my cupboards. 

Tomorrow the doors and drawers.  (I hope)

It is funny how I make all these plans, go and pick out colours, plan out what I think is the time line it will all occur on and then things just happen on some other schedule, someone else’s plans.  but it is all good in the end.

The countertop colour is not what I planned.  Well, actually, it is what we had originally planned.  In fact it is the very colour that attracted me to the idea of concrete in the first place.  Then we went to Saskatoon and with the floor wood colour in hand, decided on a dark ebony colour for the countertop. 

The best laid plans…

I am not about to change the colour now.  I will call them and let them know that this is not what we picked out when we were down to see them.  But, considering that  I really like the result, I am keeping them!

Pictures will be added to my Flikr set but I have just run out of time.  I should be in bed already but am not.

Most of my evening was spent with Sara and her boyfriend’s mom planning the grad day supper for both our kids.  It was what Sara lovingly calls "a meet the future in-laws event."  If that is what it is, I am OK with that so far.  Both her boyfriend and his family are wonderful people.


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