Smashing times

What a way to start the day!

Leo left to catch a plane early.  It should have been early but when he went out to load his bags into the car, there on the ground was his smashed driver’s side mirror, beside it was our overturned garbage can and the side of his car was bashed in.

Called the ploice but got them at change of shift so it took a good 15 minutes for them to get here.  That isn’t long unless you are Leo and you have just left yourself enough time to get to the airport in Saskatoon.  Officer took the bare essentials and sent him on his way leaving me to do the rest. 

At least the car is still drivable.

Officer said there were at least 100 calls last night – payday he said. 

Celebrate and smash seemed to be the order of the day.  Or rather, night.


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