Look what's happened to my baby!

Today it hit me – she is about grown up!  She is the last one to finish high school.  My baby is done – that section of her life anyway. 

And she is a competant and fine young woman. 

And so very beautiful.  But how did all those years go by so fast? 

This grad is more of a milestone for me – she being the baby.  She’ll still live at home next year but it is time for her to fly on her own.  And she is ready.

Not so sure I am.



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  1. lisa

    Way to go Sara!! The orange really does look good on her!

  2. alexis

    auntie! tell sara she is gorgeous and i love her! also tell her that i noticed those jewels looked beautiful! you’re right, she is one lovely young gal!

  3. She is absolutely stunning.