At Anglin Lake

Those of you who have read my blog for more than a few months will recognise that Anglin Lake is a place I love to visit.  I guess I make at least one trip up there every year.  This weekend I made some time to get away up there for the day.  A great way to spend a day off. 

I think this picture pretty well says why I like it there.  It is very quiet.  One side of the lake is in the Prince Albert National Park so it is completely free of developement.  On the developed side, there are a few cabins, about three campsites and a small resort with a wonderful restaurant – The Land of the Loon Resort. 

I was just heading back to Prince Albert in the evening when I saw these little guys (or gals) on the dirt bank. 
They must have had a few dens in there.  I guess foxes are communal animals?  Anyone know?  I didn’t see any kits but there may have been – well protected and hidden away.

I also saw some other creatures – up close and way too personal.  They bite when stepped on by an unobservant walker.  I became much more prudent in where I put my feet after that!  


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