Adult children need to grow up.  Sometimes needing to say that is frightening to me. 

I guess letting my pregnant daughter borrow an old nightgown for the night is like giving a cup of cold water to a thirsty person.  Everything else smelled like camping I guess.

Sometimes I am very frustrated by my children’s needs and I give but not without wondering about my own wisdom.  Certainly I wonder seriously about theirs!

All decisions carry some cost.  I just think that when you make a decision it shouldn’t end up costing everyone around you more than it costs yourself.  But, I guess that is life. 

Lord, I need some mercy  and a generous spoonful of your grace so that I in turn can extend some of that to my own kids.


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  1. I understand somewhat. And you want to support them and help them do well in their situations and struggles, yet they often learn best through the mistakes they make – or don’t learn.

    Is Grace having another baby or was this a memory?

  2. Linea

    Toni – Oh, no. This is not so much about her. Grace is doing just fine. I have another daughter – older – who is expecting in Sept.

    And I guess when one takes on seven kids there are always going to be a few problems going on at any one time.

    Maybe this post is more about my own frustrations watching them make decisions which I can see long term are going to cause a lot of pain to more than just themselves. And they do not want my advice at this point. They want my help, but not advice.

  3. “And they do not want my advice at this point.”

    I can sure relate to that statement.

  4. Toni

    I remember being a teenager quite clearly. Actually I treat God like this at times too. 😦