The Last Twenty Four Hours

Really they have not been quite as action packed as the TV show but it has been enough for me.

Last night I finally succeeded in finding some wasp spray.  We discovered – quite by accident that we ahd a nest very close to the barbeque.  Couldn’t just leave them there and have one of our guests tonight lean up against that part of the fence could we?  So at ten minutes to ten last night I was running around from store to store on the hunt for wasp spray.  Got some and annihilated the beasts. 

Got up a bit earlyish to go over my sermon.  Yeah, I was preachin today.  It went well and I wasn’t too scared.  I was really only speaking to friends but they do seem a long way away and distant in another subtle way when you are looking down at them from behind a pulpit. 

You might ask – why stand behind the pulpit, why not just speak more casually to the group?  Wher on earth do you put your notes if you have no pulpit?  And what do you hang onto?

Actually, it was good to do this.  God and I worked on this together over the past three weeks and it came together better than I had ever anticipated.

Then after church, while the guys went off to play golf, I took Auntie Florence for lunch.  We had a good time.  I think she likes to get out and although the conversation is a bit repetitious, it was a good time.

Home again, I began to get ready for my guests.  Marinaded the steaks, got the vegies ready, etc.  Last minute tidying, etc.

Then wrapped up the day with a great visit.

Don’t think I could have packed more into the last 24 hours if I had been Jack.  And no bomb threats or nuclear strikes either!


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