No Connection

Access to the internet at my office has been down for about two weeks now.  We had some electrical flikers and after that, no more internet.  We have tried resetting our modem connection with no success.  Our wireless router seems to be working just fine since I can still access the office printer. 

Any suggestions?  The SaskTel people say our modem is working fine but I don’t know.  If so why doesn’t it work?

In a way it has been good for me not to access the internet.  I do tend to spend more time on it than I need to .  When I should be doing other things it becomes a diversion that drwas me away from things I need to do.  I have been returning to my office at night to work there since it forces me to put aside those types of distracctions. 

I am getting things ready for the second summer intensive for the course I am in and working in an air conditionned place with no internet has been just right.  Last night I finished up my preparations for leading one of the prayer services to be held that week.  And I am halfway through the second book I need to read.  Tonight, I will go back over the questions I answered on another book and finish getting that ready.  There seems to me to be more to get ready this time that last year but I think it is just that this year other things have made me busy at the same time as the class preparations have been due.

I may post the liturgy I just finished preparing but I will wait till I lead it – that will just be next week.


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