One day to go

One more day of work and I will be on vacation. 
I hope the day goes by fast. I am really ready for a holiday.
Most of my spare moments this week have been spent reading but tonight I went for my annual pedicure and manicure. I just don’t take a whole bunch of time to pamper myself – but I will be on vacation and it seems a good time. The rest of the year my feet are generally inside “closed toe” shoes so no one sees my unmanicured toes. And my hands – they are usually sort of rough from frequent washings and glove wearing so I just keep my nails trimmed good and short. Not that I would get any of those long nails. My hands are still working hands and nails would only be a bother I’m afraid. 
I’ve had lots to think about getting ready for the second summer part of my course. I am excited about getting deeper into the realm of spiritual direction – and frightened at the same time. There are parts of the course which will stretch me beyond my comfort zone. But there is still a sense within me that this is right for me to do, some sense that I have to go on. And I want to continue, to get through those scary parts and become someone who can effectively be a spiritual companion to others. 
It is strange that even though this feels right to do there is still this tiny voice inside of me that says, “What if they say you are no good at this?” A lack of self confidence is one of the demons I face fairly often. Glad I have supportive family and friends. They have helped me face a lot of challenges and they seem to love me even if I fail when I try.

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