That was a nasty bite!

Last day of work.

Yipee!  Vacation has begun.  I think half my patients today thought I had already left.  They didn’t chance it so stayed away.  No kidding!  50% no shows!

I went by the grocery store on the way home to get some pork chops – the really nice ones.  Thick.  Already seasoned.  Just right for the barbeque.

They were all sold out.  Not to be outdone – and as a result a lot less money spent – I found the thickest ones I could and bought those instead.

They had bones.  My piece had a couple of little slivers of bone on the side where the meat should be.  As I bit into this wonderful piece of meat, there was a tiny crunch.  Yep, you guessed it.  A chunk of tooth was neatly deposited onto the counter where I sat.  The whole lingual cusp of tooth 45.  No pain really.  Except if I touched it directly with my tongue.  Hard not to do when one is eating. 

What to do?  Call  Cheryl Lyn the locum dentist of course.  No answer. 

I am the dentist on call.  I looked to see if this was something I would attempt myself. 

Not with trifocals. 

So I called one of my wonderful assistants.  She was home and came down right away to fix up the boss! 

I owe her big time.  What a way to start vacation.


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