I am tired

Today started off with my presenting /leading the goup in our morning prayer on the theme of my study project of Women and Spirituality.  It represented a big part of the personal journey I have taken this past year.  Good to share.  Lots of feelings of anxiety in getting up to do it.  Amazed at people’s responses to it.

There are times when  God has been present in the preparation, he is there in the moment of presentation and he comes in the form of those around me after.  Or maybe I should say "She" was there – like a mother encouraging her child with her homework.

Anyway, it has been a day of spiritual direction practice.  Some goes easily, other bits seem hard.  Listening really intently for the voice of God is tiring work – especially at the end when we are listening to the instructor sum up how things went.  Sometimes it seems easier to lean into the  parts of me where my gifts lie.  I know that if I do this I need to be un-busy, untired. 

O, life, slow down. 


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