Well, actually, it is possible to wash up without hot running water. 

Our furnace/boiler has done it again.  Heating plate has a hole.  Pressure vessel cracked.  No end to the problems with this one.  Parts will have to be ordered from Ontario so it will be Tuesday at the very earliest before we have hot running water again.  The girls are not too happy.

If you see one of my family members coming to your door towel in hand please have mercy on them!

We may actually break down and put in a new boiler and separate hot water heater.  If the cost doesn’t kill us.

This furnace has been nothing but trouble and now winter is almost here.  There was frost on the grass this morning.


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  1. Uh, you made your point!!


    (Just call if you need to shower)

  2. Linea

    Thanks Randall. Seems the computer went berserk too!

  3. Linea

    This gets even weirder as each comment gets posted four times too.

  4. Randall


  5. “Woooooo Hooooooo

    IS THIS THING ON????????”

  6. Randall

    This is kinda fun, like yelling into the Grand Canyon!!!

  7. Linea

    I’ve gotten more comments on this post than any other – so I thought I’d leave it up here!

  8. Hey that looks like fun. Mind if I try?