I am emerging from my Fentinyl haze.  Got more sleep today than in ages and it sure did cure the headache I woke up with.  The headache was maybe due to caffeine withdrawal.

All went well with the check-up in my nether parts.  No polyps or such.

But the bad news is that they recommend this procedure again in 5 years.  Five years to live in dread of swallowing the  nastiest liquid known to mankind – the oral Fleet.  Not sure if I can take it.  The second one I just barely kept down yesterday.

If Colon cancer wasn’t such a nasty disease in itself, I’d say it was a conspiracy against those of us who are spunky enough to make it past 50.


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  1. ooh…. shudder… the Oral Fleet…. the last time I had to do that was over 5 years ago, and I can still barely drink a flavoured, colourless soft drink… ginger & lemon? My eye! ewww….. gag reflex activated… cue the happy thoughts and deep cleansing breaths….