How do I help a patient who has jaw pain mostly when she puts on her lipstick?


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  1. M.E.

    Buy her some lip gloss. It’s lighter.

  2. That old joke comes to mind:
    “Doctor, my arm hurts when I flap it around.”

    Doctor replies, “Then don’t flap it.”

  3. Geoff

    Trigeminal neuralgia?

    That is odd.

  4. Linea

    Yeah, well there was more “odd” than just that. I mean, why come in more than once every 5 years or so and then expect the dentist to work some kind of miracle to undo years of neglect and probable self inflicted damage to the TMJ from refusing to get those back teeth replaced. And please – do everything in one appointment(15 minutes)so one does not need to come back for another 5 years! So it goes!

    I don’t know if there was an appropriate dental diagnosis but more than one of us in the office thought that she could just avoid the lipstick!

  5. Geoff

    My goodness. It’s amazing what they think a dentist can do in 15 minutes, isn’t it?