Fear is so debilitating

I spent my day in the OR. Three long cases. It is good to get these big cases done but it is a long and tiring way to do dentistry. In my opinion.

It is understandable to need to do very small children this way. We sometimes don’t have a lot of sympathy for the parents who in many cases have neglected their child’s health. It is easier not to brush a toddler’ s teeth than to struggle with them to get it done. It is easier to give the child candy or juice than to say no and have to deal with a tantrum. But it leads to a child that suffers in the long run.
It is harder to have to do a teenage child this way. It is hard to be patient with a child this age who is terrified. It has to be harder to be the parent of a child acting out when they should be a beautiful teen with a beautiful smile.

Today I paced outside the OR praying the teen would calm down and let the anesthetist do his work – so I could do my work – so she would not be in pain any more. It takes a lot of fear to need such pain to drive such a terrified child to accept help. And it makes me wonder if we will see the person again or if it will take another horrible episode of pain to bring her back.


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