And we have news!

Neah Marie Lanoie was born just a little while ago. David called with the news. 7lbs7oz. I have no idea how long.

I have a grand daughter!!

And to tell you the truth she has the nickname I had as an itty bitty thing. Dad always called me “Neah” (as in nay-ah). I guess one of my verbally challenged siblings couldn’t handle the Lin part of my name.

So please God – give me a safe trip as I go down to see this new marvel that has just entered our lives.


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  1. Congratulations!!! What a beautiful name. Drive safe.

  2. Your very first grand daughter. Such a beautiful name too! Our congratulations to David and Annette and you and Leo.

    May God watch over her all of her days and may she find courage to live the life He has for her.

    Now get on with the oooooing and ahhhhhhing already.

    We’ll be expecting pics very soon.

    Love you……..and yes, drive safely!

  3. Joye Kindrachuk

    Yes, I thought about the pronunciation when I saw the name and wondered if she was named after you. I do recall calling you that all the time when we were young. Maybe I was the verbally challenged one! Looking forward to seeing the pictures. Joye

  4. Congrats and blessings to you all! God is good, eh?