Children laugh with such abandon. Their whole bodies laugh and we feel some of what must be intense pleasure for them as we watch.

I wish I could let go and laugh like that. Sometimes I do but not often enough. I am too restrained so I laugh with politeness and reservation.

Maybe this weekend Kieran and I will do some laughing.

For this laughter is an acknowledgment that you are a human being, an acknowledgment that is itself the beginning of an acknowledgment of God. For how else is a person to acknowledge God except through admitting in his life and by means of his life that he himself is not God but a creature that has his times – a time to weep and a time to laugh, and the one is not the other. A praising of God is what laughter is, because it lets a human being be human.
( Karl Rahner, The Content of Faith p 149 as quoted in Thirsty For God by Bradley P. Holt p. 144)


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  1. erin

    HAHAHAH! AUntie! This picture should seriously be put into a calander somewhere. It will brighten everyone’s day!

    ps. congrats on the grandaughter!