Approaching Advent

Sheesh, this has been a busy week so far. And we are only half way through.

Yesterday, had too many difficult extractions. I was tired by the end of my work day but my day was no way near finished. Had errands to run. Then music practice. Advent begins on Sunday so we were practicing some carols.

We also have our family advent program on Sunday night. That means that I need to do some baking on the weekend. As well as practicing what I am contributing. I think I will be playing “Let All Mortal Flesh Be Silent” on the recorder and if I can get my act together maybe something on my bass, besides singing with a group of women – the old women. Well some of them are younger than me. And it good to have a group of “younger women” that will be singing too. I wonder if the really older women are doing something? Maybe they could do some cane and walker tapping to “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree”.

Now we are less than one month to Christmas. It seems a bit like being at the high spot on a roller coaster ride and we are about to begin a crazy ride down to the big day – which for my family seems to be Christmas Eve.

Maybe it is good that the busyness will sort of come to an end by Christmas morning. Maybe that day I will find some solitude to sit and contemplate the magnitude of the gift we were given by God.


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  1. OK. I’m not sure what to do with that crack about the “Old Women”… I mean- I’m one of that group! When did 44 become “old”?! (Besides when I tried to get up from my knees the other day… and besides first thing in the morning when everything is stiff and achy…)But, come on! Don’t apply labels that might stick!

    : )

  2. Linea

    It is all relative. Maybe we could just be the “Mature Moms” or something less abrasive.

    I was actually repeating a label that jolted me a bit too.