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See Amid the Winter’s Snow…

We got a good bit of the white stuff overnight and even though the sun is shining it seems to be falling out of the blue.  I suppose it is blowing off the roof.

This morning saw me outside early shoveling the front deck at about 6 am.

Today we are supposed to be having delivered a new bed for our spare room downstairs in the basement.  And I would really like it for this weekend when a few of my offspring are arriving with babies in tow.  You see I want them to sleep well enough so that thye will decide to come back again soon.  And they will all be here for Christmas.  I want to be ready.

So the delivery people have to be able to get to the door.

We have a long driveway and one of those pie shaped lots that is wider in the back then at the front.  As I was shoveling snow off the steps and deck, I had to throw it way over the snow piled up already.  We do not have much room to dispose of snow.  It is only  the first week in December.  I suspect we’ll have more snow one of these days.  Not sure where we will put it.


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