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And How Is Your Day?

It all began last evening.

After work my car would not start.  I did not have time yesterday to start it at noon and then the afternoon became very busy and it slipped my mind.  Till the end of the day.  From the basement of my office I clicked on the button of my remote car starter.  The signal light flickered green and the signal was sent.  I finished up a few things and then just as R and L were driving away and I too was leaving the building, I realized that my car was NOT running.

Key in the ignition; turned; a low grumble but the motor would not turn over.

So I went back in and called Leo to tell him I would be late getting home and what my problem was.  At that time he informed me that the house would be cold when I got home.  The control panel on our furnace has been acting up – AGAIN – and so the repair people had investigated and discovered a little part that was disintegrated.  It was coming by bus around 8 and the plumber would be back to install it at night.

Called CAA for a boost and called Sara to bring over the long extension cord just in case it took too long for the tow truck to arrive.  Sara and the tow truck arrived at the same time.  By now it was after 6 and I was getting hungry.

The house was cold.   First thing done was to start a fire in the fireplace, turn on the oven, start the spaghetti(because boiling water also warms up the house).  Then a trip outside for more wood.

I thought, “this won’t really be so bad, the furnace should be fixed by about 9.”  I’ll get things going and then will look for the space heaters and warm the place up.

The plumber arrived about 8:30 with a box from the bus depot.  The box was shipped empty!  He was not impressed.

We were mostly just cold and not looking forward to a very cold night.

Leo and I were playing Mr and Mrs home repair – I was putting together the bed frame and he was bolting the handrails back onto the stairs.  We changed some light bulbs and thought we had things pretty much under control.  Well….

Sometime in the night the breaker to the basement plugs blew – the heater down there was too much I guess.  The fireplace  had run out of fuel in the night and  was letting cold air in to the living room.

I restarted the heaters, flipped the breaker and decided that the one heater had entirely given up the ghost.  Heated water – since our furnace is also our boiler and hot water heater, made coffee and then thought – Wal-Mart is open 24 hrs a day right now.  I can go there before work and get a new heater,  so I did.

Got to work and one of my assistants can not come in.  She is sitting with her son at the hospital.  His arm was broken during a hockey game last night.


Yep.  I imagine.

Just to be safe I went and started my car.


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