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This was one of those longest days.

I woke up tired at the usual time – 5:30.  Coffee is always the first on the agenda so I made that – good and strong this morning.

Off to Birdie’s Santa Lucia Day celebration.  That began at 7 so I was able to go and still be at work by 7:45.

Then my work began in earnest.  A busy day.  And to end it all off – some difficult extractions.  Trying to finish up cases before my Christmas break.  I didn’t leave the office till 6, an hour later than we usually close.  An hour of overtime.  An hour too late to join Leo and the kids at a nice restaurant for supper.  Cause I had orchestra  practice and I missed last week.  Dutiful me.

Got to the  place we practice and  only three of us were there.  Obviously we missed getting a message.  So we went down to the Bison for coffee.

Tonight I am tired and my hands are sore from too many too difficult extractions.


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