This was one of those longest days.

I woke up tired at the usual time – 5:30.  Coffee is always the first on the agenda so I made that – good and strong this morning.

Off to Birdie’s Santa Lucia Day celebration.  That began at 7 so I was able to go and still be at work by 7:45.

Then my work began in earnest.  A busy day.  And to end it all off – some difficult extractions.  Trying to finish up cases before my Christmas break.  I didn’t leave the office till 6, an hour later than we usually close.  An hour of overtime.  An hour too late to join Leo and the kids at a nice restaurant for supper.  Cause I had orchestra  practice and I missed last week.  Dutiful me.

Got to the  place we practice and  only three of us were there.  Obviously we missed getting a message.  So we went down to the Bison for coffee.

Tonight I am tired and my hands are sore from too many too difficult extractions.


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  1. Geoff

    I’ve had nothing but a string of difficult endo cases lately. They don’t leave you with the physical tiredness of tough extractions, but they certainly have been mentally exhausting! Not to mention the lack of light, which for me only adds to a general feeling of tiredness at this time of year.

    At least we have the shining hope of Christmas with its promise of a new beginning!