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Party Time

I am not really at my best at parties.  They seem sort of an intrusion into my regular routine.  I am, I think, happier with my boring life than with trying to appear to be enjoying myself at a party.  Too many people and too much small talk (which I am not good at).   Give me some serious conversation.  Give me some quiet space.  Then I am in my glory.

It is not that I do not like the people I am partying with.  Last night it was folks from church.   Tonight it is my own staff.  I like being with small groups of people and visiting.  But make it into a party and some sort of warning signal goes off in my psyche that says – well basically it says “run”  But I can’t.  Not last night or tonight.

When it is all done it will be fine.  In fact when the people arrive it will be fine.   It is just this silly lead up time when I fret.

So, come caterers.  Come partygoers.  I will try my best to have fun.

Now for a short nap before we get started so my grumpiness factor decreases.


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