The Attack of the Inflammed Gall Bladder

About 3 am Rachelle had an acute gall bladder attack.  Horrible pain.  So her day has not been the greatest and our plans for going out to the lake have shifted a bit.  We’ll be back and forth I’m sure but she will probably not get to enjoy this at all.  She will have surgery  either tonight or tomorrow – most likely tomorrow.  We have been waiting all day at the hospital and she is on heavy pain killers and antispasmodics.
She is a tad disappointed since this was her big idea – some family time at the lake.   So upon her insistence, the rest of us are going out and will try to have a good time remembering where she is.


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  1. Oh no, I feel so bad for her. I hope the surgery goes well.

  2. Hope it gets better quickly.

    I remember lauralea with it, and the pain…

  3. Strange about our plans, how they get somewhat shuffled around at times.

    Poor Rachelle. Gall bladder attacks are wretched, as I well recall…..

    Hope the rest of your family time was good, especially for the hospitalized gal.

    Thinking of all of you (as I nurse a sick granddaughter back to health from flu)