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Beep ____ beep, beep beep

That was an interesting way to start a morning. Not highly recommended but definitely different than my typical Sunday morning.

I woke up this morning around 4 feeling a bit weird. My heart was fluttering around without its usual regular rhythm. I lay there for a bit expecting things to settle back into a regular rhythm but after I hadI waited lying there for about 30 minutes, it was still fluttering away.

I nudged Leo and he reached over and took my pulse. Yeah, I had some extra beats. He turned over and went back to sleep.

Well, I wasn’t getting much sleep so I got up to make the morning coffee since I was awake anyway. Having made that decision I decided that maybe tea would be healthier so I made both and sat down for quiet cup. Heart is still racing away. It is hard to relax when ones heart is not beating a regular rhythm and especially as it seems to be getting no better and maybe a tad worse.

By the time I went upstairs with a cup of coffee for Leo, I was feeling very light headed and a bit breathless. Leo checked me again and then said, “I will take a quick shower and then we are going up to the hospital.” When Leo comes out with a suggestion like that, I take him seriously. I really am not feeling well.

By the time we got up to the hospital of course my heart had settled back into its regular pattern. Not a blip out of place. But I have something or other that has moved to the left or right or somewhere on the EKG and I get lots of questions about did I ever have chest pain. Women can have silent heart attacks but I sure do not remember any particular pain or other symptoms that would seem to indicate that. My O2 saturation was low so they put me on Oxygen for a bit, did a few tests that all came back OK and then let me go home. I will probably have to wear a monitor to check the old ticker out more but for now all seems well – just a bit tired.

So here’s to the afternoon nap!


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