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So, my heart was acting up.

An incident like this gives one a new perspective, although I know that this was not one of those life threatening events. Just the same, it made me think. It was after all my heart, not some part that I could dispose of easily.

And, although my mom did not die of heart disease, it seems as if she did have evidence of an old infarct at autopsy. A small infarct at some time I guess. She was only two years older than me when she passed away, although it was from an aneurysm and totally unexpected.

So, on the way up to the hospital I thought about the unpredictability of life. How it is important to live life fully while one has it; to enjoy each day as a gift from God; to appreciate the people God put into my life to love – my kids and my grandkids, my family and friends.

I guess it is a good thing to reflect on the things of great value in life from time to time. Maybe I should learn how to do that without the heart flutters – it would save the people around me some worry.


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