Back from women’s retreat

That was a good weekend. We retreated in a new venue this year – up at Quest, a Baptist camp and retreat centre. Very nice! They even have wifi for those of us stupid enough to bring our computers along on a retreat. I was finishing up some writing stuff but was pleasantly surprised when I booted up the computer and there was an internet connection.

It was interesting in that the theme of the weekend was on becoming tools in the Master’s hands – in other words on discovering and developing our gifts.

Kathy George

The speaker handed out one of the gifts assessment tests that we have been offering the congregation for over a month with no takers. So there we were – sort of a captive audience as far as taking the test went. And we learned new things I believe – good things about ourselves.

The weather was also beautiful. Lots of outdoor activity happened. Look at our budding American hockey player:

The purple phantom

The windows of the main building looked east over the lake and on both mornings the early risers were greeted by a view of the sun rising. It was a beautiful spot. A plus was that all our meals were provided so I had lots of time to relax as well as quiet time to get some work finished on some papers.

sunrise ove Christopher lake


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  1. I was sorry to miss it. First time in 10 years, I believe! At least I didn’t feel SO well that I spent the weekend moaning and griping about not being able to go.

    : )

    Next year.

  2. Linea

    Next year for sure.

    And we did mention to our cooks that we would need more diabetic friendly foods next year. It was a bit difficult for me to stick to a carb reduced diet with no whole grains offered.