I have been stressed and I have survived.  The doctor says there seems to be nothing to worry about but that, just in case my heart really does fibrillate every now and then, I should take 81mg of ASA a day.  That is a whole lot better than a heart attack.

I think we may have to invest in a treadmill.  The short workout on that one today was a better work out than 30 minutes on the exercise bike.  Plus no sore butt from a rigid plastic seat.  I think if I want to have a fun older age that I need to make sure I exercise and keep reasonably fit.


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  1. I’m glad you survived all that stress. Now you can take on the world.

    An aspirin a day keeps the doctor away….or is that apple…..anyway, we don’t want to keep him away to much, now do we???;-)

  2. shoot….I meant to say “TOO” much. I’m such a stickler for the “two and too and to” – not to mention the “there, their and they’re”.

  3. Linea

    We are two women with a tendency to watch our grammar too much.