The latest beauty to join the Lanoie ranks.  Kimia.   For those of you non-Lingala speakers, Kimia means peace.  Kimia 008

Kimia 016 Sara thought that she had Eric’s brow.  I think her face is a bit puffy from the way she was sitting in utero and it is too soon to really admire how beautiful she is and how much she must look like her mother.


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  1. I just love that top picture. What a beautiful moment. And a beautiful girl.

  2. Is that Eric and Michelle’s baby??

    I was sitting here thinking who’s was that now!

    Seems a bit early right?

    Cool, congrats to them and you all.

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  4. I think Michelle was due on the 20th (I think). So Kimia was about a week early. Born exactly one year after Keziah Reid and just missed Luke’s birthday by a day! July must be a popular month for baby making. 🙂

  5. Linea

    Dixie – her dad’s b’day was also on the 11th I think and mine is tomorrow. so March is a good month. I have no idea that that is what my parents were up to in July of 1948. Good bet, eh?

    Randall – Yes that is Eric and Michelle’s daughter!

  6. Happy Day! Congratulations everyone!

  7. Just got back from seeing her. What a beauty. I can’t believe her blonde blonde hair! I hope Michelle can get some rest in that noisy hospital.

  8. Geoff

    What a beautiful gift, made by the Artist’s hand, a gift to the world (And to you, lucky grandma!).