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Down South

I made it down to Regina in good time.  This time I took the #2 down through St Louis.  A high percentage of the road all the way down was very rough.  Lots of frost heaves it looks like.  And if this road does not get some repair soon, it will not be the shortest way to Regina – well, maybe the shortest but not the fastest. 

But the drive down was good.  The sky was pretty much clear.  None of this mornings snow seemed to be left; the road was dry. Saw lots of geese, some hawks and some ducks.  There were white tail deer in a field – far enough away to be no danger to me and my car – close enough to look magnificent.  

I needed the time alone on this drive.  I’ve been too busy lately and will be for a few more days I suspect.  Driving relaxes me.  I listened to some new music that I downloaded a couple of days ago  – Mozetich’s Affairs of the Heart – and so the time passed quickly.  And to be honest, I needed this time with God.  Out on the wide prairies, where even traveling through them in a car, exposes me to enough of their beauty that I find God there in ways that I just don’t when I am faced with all the busyness of home.


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