Just wondering

The other day at the soup kitchen I sat and chatted with three women who are regulars.  One was quite sad looking, her skin had a greyish hue and it looked like life had been hard on her. 

life has been hard on her lately – breast cancer and the chemo has taken its toll and she is not finished yet.  Hair loss happened early so she was sporting an obvious wig.

She made a comment about the fellow who had joined us that day to work off some community service time for a traffic violation – he pastors a downtown street church.  She had visited there one day and some of the street kids who dropped in had begun to make fun of her.  That hurt her.  Someone else made the comment that kids have no respect anymore.

I wonder what it is that causes this lack of respect.  Is it loss of a sense of community?  Would they have made fun of someone they knew as an older auntie?  Are they simply so ignorant that they would make fun of someone whose body is being attacked by cancer?  They probably had no clue but would some knowledge have changed their behaviour?

Many things to wonder about.  Her friends cared enough to commiserate with her.  I doubt the church man even knew.  I wonder if I will see her again and if my knowing will make a difference.


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  1. I am sure there are several factors that contribute to this, but one thing we have found with the kids in our community is that it (in part) stems from a complete lack of a sense of their own value. It is sad.


  2. Linea

    Jamie, Yeah, I hadn’t thought about that. I guess if they attach no value to themselves or their own feelings they are not likely to attach much value to anyone else either. It is sad. Now I wonder what we can do, really, to make any difference in their lives. Seems such a huge problem.