It didn’t take long

for me to remember why I do not usually go to "Gospel music" concerts.  It is just not my preferred genre of music.  It does not inspire my faith.  It makes me tired and frustrated and I really don’t think it is meant to do that. 

Maybe if it was in a different setting – rather than in a church with a bunch of older people sitting on hard pews – it would be fun.  And if the music was either really "gospel" without the country or more bluesy or inspired ones feet to dance – then maybe it would be different. 

I know that tonight the keyboard player was fantastic but otherwise it was not so great.  Not that it was horrible – just not enough to leave me feeling good.

I suppose that being up till 2 am last night babysitting did not contribute to my enjoyment of the evening either.

Now off to cover my poor hanging baskets and plants so tonight’s possible frost does not kill them all and then to bed.


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  1. Jean Harder

    It really surprizes me that you went to the said concert. Well, I will say, I have heard better singers,however, it was well done, really. The pianist was great, as were the drums. Their apparel was good and for the most, I enjoyed it. I love country gospel. I think it reaches the soul, really. However, I like all varieties of music as that was the way I was brought up, my Dad being a professional musician, I guess. I guess, all I can say, to each his own.

  2. Jean Harder

    Thinking back on it, I don’t think that was really country gospel. There was the odd Southern Gospel thrown in and of course, they tried their hand at a Blue Grass number which, I do enjoy hearing if it is done right. So, what kind of music was it? Did you know that they werevoted top Country Gospel band at the Country Music Awards? Country music must have something going for it astheresure are a lot of people who like it.

  3. Linea

    Yeah, Jean,I think you are right – to each his own as far as music goes. I agree that the pianist was great. The drums – well, I have a drummer in the family so I am fussy. He did lots of extra drum stuff but I didn’t think it added that much to the songs. And I wish I could have heard more of the mandolin but it was pretty much drowned out I thought.

    I went since a group of us was supposed to be going together but it ended up just two of us.

    And I know lots of people like country music – I am not one of them. That does not make country music good or bad, just not to my taste.

  4. Hmm. Gospel music.

    Did a prison gig last year about this time. There was a black gospel choir who were quite good at it.

    It got old really fast, about 2 numbers in out of 6.

    Thank goodness we don’t all have to like the same kind of music, although it would make the worship team easier to guide sometimes.