Twice in one day

We visited the Olive Garden yesterday – twice.  The first time was after a shopping trip to a local mall.

It is good that I do not have any extra room in my suitcase or I would have been tempted to spend a lot more money.  I don’t know that it is stuff I can’t get at home, really, but the variety to choose from is huge.   Anyway, Leo brought just a tiny little bag so no extra room there.  Too bad.  I could have done a lot more shopping.  We did spend enough time in a big bookstore to satisfy the bookaholic tendencies we both have.

And last night we re-visited the same restaurant with different friends.  We pulled together a gathering of old missionaries and sat around a table sharing old stories, new stories and laughing like we used to in the good old days.


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  1. SharonK

    It will be good to see you again.
    Congratulations too on your well-deserved accomplishment. I’m proud of you!