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So this is crazy

This is coming to you from Winnipeg – where we are stranded tonight.  A storm delayed the departure of our flight out of Chicago on United Airlines by three hours.  We had a two hour layover in Winnipeg so, needless to say, we did not make it. 

And the airlines have a great little policy that of course no one is aware of – except the airlines, that if the delay is caused by weather, they are not responsible for the delay and do NOT provide accommodation to make up for the fact that we missed the only flight to Saskatoon this evening. 

Oh, yeah, they don’t even give a voucher for food.

Of course, that is maybe more expected since they don’t exactly feed you on their flight anyway.

At least we have seats on tomorrow morning’s flight.  So, barring any more "acts of God" we should be home tomorrow. 

So, please God, no more acts!  Leo needs to get home.  I can’t deal with another day of having an uptight workaholic getting stressed out! 


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