Makes me wonder

This afternoon I had to run to the closest shopping centre to pick up a bit of stuff for supper.  As I was driving away from the grocery store, two police cruisers passed by in front of me.  Unusual to have tow in a row I thought.

They pulled over a few feet ahead.  On the bench "sat" a guy looking a bit passed out.  The officer went over, picked up the remains of his twelve pack of beer and put it into his open trunk.  Then he turned and was joined by the second officer.  They were trying to rouse the fellow as I drove by.

It always makes me wonder when I happen upon an incident like this.  I wonder – did something traumatic happen to him to make him turn to alcohol for solace?  Did he spend his last money on such a short lived solace?  Is he just another guy from a northern community that couldn’t resist the readily available booze available here?  Is he really just another alcoholic?  No way out of his addictions? 

It is sad to see stuff like this.  And yet there is so much more I don’t see on a regular basis that exists every day.

God have mercy.


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  1. lisa

    it’s really sad here. 4 months in and “extreme” things are now ordinary. Sure puts a different perspective on things.