Wa- Hoo!!!

I got my mid-term and my graded workbook exercises back today.  Sorry if this sounds boastful.  I don’t mean it to be but I have got to tell someone and you guys are it.


I got 95.5% on the Greek mid-term.  And the other work was also good. 

My brain still works. 

This is a great relief and encouragement and thanks be to



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9 responses to “Wa- Hoo!!!

  1. I just knew you would do well!

    I’m happy with you, friend.

    Ya, thanks to God that your brain really hasn’t frizzled out….yet….5 days to go….;-)

  2. Sweet!

    Good work! and congrats!

  3. linealanoie

    Thanks guys.

    And thanks to you Sharon for that little reminder. What a friend! 🙂

  4. A very late “well done” from me too.