Birthdays and such

Today my youngest granddaughter became one year old.  Kimia is getting to be a girl with some character.  And mobility.  And size – over 27 lbs last I heard. Tomorrow we are going to her house to celebrate this significant milestone.

But tonight, I was participating with the Prince Albert Strings inour local music festival.  We did fairly well – 87 and 89 in our catagory.  I think we did well for a group that went from a  fairly experienced group last year to a group of near novices.  These songs were simpler than what we attempted last year but I think Dean, our conductor, was pleased.

Kimia has her big party tomorrow but my big day is approaching.  Saturday.  60 years.

It has occurred to me that this is a fairly long time.  As the span of life goes it is likely at least 2/3 of my allotted days.

So, maybe to keep me thinking I am young, my hubby bought me this nice new little computer.  At least it has given me a new toy to play with and try to get all up to date and get files transferred over and all those little chores.  I have no pictures on this baby yet.  So bear with me.  They will come.

And this one is little.  I chose a little one for ease of transport – a 13 inch screen and only 4.6 lbs.  I think it will fit nicely into my purse actually.  Another Toshiba because I like their durability.

So, life goes on.  Birthdays or no birthdays.

I wonder if it will take all my life to figure it all out and come to terms with who I am and what I really need to be about.  I think that maybe now and then I see shadowy glimpses of the person I might be becoming but then I stumble back to the reality of me and everyday life.  Sometimes I just get lost and lonely even at 60.  But I know that overall,  I have been blessed and am glad that my life has, for the most part, been full of interesting challenges and opportunities.



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3 responses to “Birthdays and such

  1. Terry

    Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you Happy birthday dear Linea Happy Birthday to youuuuuuuu
    There I am officially the first one to sing to you.
    Your nephew that shares the same birthday as you will be 31 !!!!

    Have a wonderful day Linea

  2. Ah, I like you Linea.

    I like that we connect with each other.

    And I liked the last paragraph of your post.


    See you tomorrow!

  3. Bless you in these remaining two hours of this span of your life….but I’m excited to have at least one friend in this next decade with me!

    I know. I’m a mean and selfish friend……:-)

    See you in the morrow…….