Some Crying Going On

Little kids stumbling around in a daze.  Staggering.  Some crying because they are here.  Some crying because they do not want to go home. 

It’s another sedation morning.  Mostly went fine except for the kid who had not come for a year.  His work is so extensive now that he has to have it done under general anaesthetic. 

Great way to start Wednesday morning.



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4 responses to “Some Crying Going On

  1. I’m seeing my dentist tomorrow. I haven’t seen her for over 8 months. I hope she has some good news about my teeth. I’ve only had one good comment about my teeth from her ever and that was my last check up 8 months ago. I still don’t floss or use mouthwash regularly >.<

  2. linealanoie

    materix01, mouthwash is not usually considered to be necessary. Flossing is good but thorough regular brushings, including the gums, and a diet low in sugar should do the trick for most people.

  3. Hmmmm, I’ve never looked after my teeth too well. As a young child, I frequently forgot to brush or was just too lazy which resulted in many cavities. Nowadays I just manage to brush twice a day before breakfast and before dinner (yeah I know I should brush after >.<). My gums use to hurt alot during brushing and I use to bleed alot but it’s been good for the last few years with abit of care.

  4. linealanoie

    Best times to brush are morning and right before bed. Take a good 2 to 3 minutes before bed and your teeth and gums should become healthy.

    It is probably not to late to start and make it a lifelong habit. You won’t regret it.