Christ passed through death and came out the victor.  That is one of the realities of my faith that I have been thinking about today.  He did this to redeem all the broken parts of our lives and of the whole creation.  We have reason to celebrate. 

The day has been full of such a variety of human experience – from worship of the risen Christ and the provision of hospitality to friends and family to egg hunts and too much food and chocolate eaten to quarrels and the sadness of hurt relationships.  I guess we had the whole gamut of highs and lows around here.  But mostly it was a good day. 

I love the early sunrise service on the river bank.  It seems appropriate,as the sun rises, to remember the new life we have available because of the resurrection.  Marc did a great job of leading us. We even tried to light the Paschal candle but the wind put a stop to that!

The rest of the day has been so full.  Being the matriarch means being hostess and seeing that there was food on the table from sunlight to sundown today.  The last of my children left a short while ago with a good portion of the leftovers.  All those foods forbidden on my diet and eaten today anyway have to leave this house.  Unfortunately, they left the pies and too much bread around and took the ham and turkey.  But I will have to get back on my diet in a serious way starting tomorrow.

And now I need to sleep. 



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5 responses to “Easter

  1. Toni

    So how is the whole diet etc thing going for you and Leo? Is it working well or does it feel like a continual struggle without reward? I need to slim down a bit now.

  2. Linea

    I think the whole diet thing will likely be a rest of our lives reality. Some days it is a real struggle – like this weekend when we bow to the pressures of the day and stuff ourselves on turkey, ham and even some chocolate. Returning to the diet will be harder but it has paid off and so I think we can do it.

    We North Americans just have too much, way too much, food at our disposal.

  3. Toni

    Us Europeans too, it would seem. Though I don’t think it’s having too much available, so much as lack of self control – at least on my part.

  4. Linea

    Toni, It really is about self control. But it makes it harder when the world around us has easily available high calorie foods and we are encouraged to enjoy all that there is available – even if it is really not good for us.

    For us, we have made a decision to eat more healthily. But celebrations are meant to be and we relax our choices to fit the occasion. When we get down to a more ideal weight we’ll still have to make wise choices about what we eat. That will be the ongoing challenge.

  5. Toni

    And that’s the right thing to do. Moderation in all things, including (and especially) moderation.