On a less stressful note

It is my hubby and best friend’s birthday today.  He joins me now in my old age. 


Sixty years suits him well I think.  He gets to become a doting grandfather and having lost well over 100 lbs in the last year, he has more energy to invest in life.  In fact, he was off to play golf at 6 am today to begin his birthday celebrations.

Looking forward to the next batch of years we have together.



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3 responses to “On a less stressful note

  1. rachelle

    great picture mom! wish i was there to help dad celebrate, on the right day.LOL love you

  2. That is a great pic. We have one just like that of my father with our daughter at just a few months old. It’s one of the last pics we have of him, at it’s quite special.

    And well done to Leo, shedding that weight. It must be truly transformational.

  3. Happy belated birthday to your man.