I have one high stress week coming up.  Next Saturday morning I am writing my final exam in Greek. 

I wrote my last quiz this morning.  As I was writing it, I could recognise the way I react to stress.  My mind sort of shuts down.  It simply goes blank.  I have studied and studied and I should know the answers but my brain searches the database and give me one of those “page not found” messages.

So, this morning I was dealing with this reaction of mine, sort of watching it happen and then having to decide that my mind is giving me a false message.  To do this I have to sit and regurgitate some of the facts that I know I know instead of looking at the question being asked.  Once I do that, once I write out one verbal declension, it all sort of falls back into place – mostly anyway. 

But there is much to review and so I doubt that I will post much this  coming week.  Of course, sometimes it is good to get away from the books and see what is going on in the world with my friends.


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