Way to go kid!

It is very encouraging when a four year old who we treated in the OR comes back in for a 3 month post-OR check with shiny clean teeth, no new decay and a totally changed attitude.

He told his mom that he never wanted t have to go to the hospital again to have his teeth fixed and that from now on he wanted to sit in the “big boy” chair.

He made my day!



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2 responses to “Way to go kid!

  1. You mean the 30 year old who hadn’t visited the dentist in 5 years and who discouraged you from doing any dental work didn’t make your day?!


  2. Linea

    The fact that after 5 years you still have the same number of teeth and we do not have to proceed to complete dentures did make my day.

    (Actually the visit by you did make my day, part of it anyway. It is, believe it or not, the friends who come to visit that really make a day special.)